Winthrop’s Christmas at the End of the Road

Join me for the annual Winthrop celebration, Christmas at the End of the Road! November 29 – 30, 2019 along Riverside Ave in Winthrop!

Morning Glory Balloons present balloon glow on Riverside Ave in Winthrop Friday 5-6 pm Cath live music at Old Schoolhouse Brewery afterward!

I’ll be watching the fireworks from Copper Glance directly across the street from our office in Winthrop. Let’s grab a drink early, show starts at 6 pm on Saturday! There’s tons to do in town before hand. Do a bit of shopping, skate, warm up at the camp fires along Riverside Ave.

If you haven’t been to Winthrop during Thanksgiving weekend, it’s a must. Kids will enjoy the first sighting of the man in the red suit plus story time with Grandma Winthrop at Trail’s End Bookstore. We have had our first dusting of snow but the End of the Road Fun Run is on! Saturday morning at 10 am, dress warm! Santa arrives Saturday around noon and there are afternoon activities for kids at the Winthrop Red Barn. Warm up by the camp fires that line Riverside Avenue starting later in the afternoon. The town lights up at 5pm and fireworks start at 6 pm. I highly recommend making dinner reservations if you plan to eat at Arrowleaf Bistro but you can grab dinner in the several eateries around town, just be prepared to wait! It’s a fun-filled and busy weekend. You can also catch live music at Sun Mountain Lodge and the Ciderhouse Saturday night! Hope to see you on the Winthrop boardwalk!

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